Marlin Builder: Update with support for version v2.0.9.1 and factory preconfigured firmwares

Some of you may already know that some time ago we developed a fairly intuitive web application to configure the Marlin firmware from our website.

In order to use this tool, called Marlin Builder, you must access the link and fill in the 5 sections that you will find available. Although, these days ago the Marlin Builder was left with an outdated version (although completely stable and functional), due to the little time I have these days.

However, I had in my roadmap to review it, and today we have updated our beloved Marlin Builder again to the latest version available (v2.0.9.1). In this way you will no longer have an excuse to update without your 3D printer using this platform.

And as I always remember in our articles, we have a wide community of people upset by 3D printing in our Telegram channel. Feel free to access and share your experiences with us, as it is a great way for everyone to learn together.

Official Marlin firmwares preconfigured

Guía completa SKR v1.4/v1.4 Turbo con drivers TMC Sensorless y Display TFT35 V3.0

Another update we have made is the download of the latest fully functional version of Marlin for commercial printers. Here you will find firmwares for well-known brands such as Anet, AnyCubicArtilleryBQCreality or Geeetech for example.

This way, you won’t have to do anything, just download it with one click, compile it and upload it to your printer.

Some time ago, I wrote an extensive article on how to modify and compile Marlin for your printer, which was very well received. If you have never compiled a Marlin firmware, do not hesitate to read the article that you can find at this link Complete guide: Configure Marlin 2.0.x from scratch and not die trying.

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