New Marlin Builder v2.0 update (+220 firmwares available v2.0.9.1)

As you all know if you are a regular visitor on our blog, at 3DWork.io we developed a very interesting tool some time ago to configure and download Marlin firmwares on all types of 3D printers (commercial and custom).

This tool is called Marlin Builder, and it consists of two main modules. A module to download firmwares from commercial printers with a single click, and then a second module that will allow you to configure the characteristics of your Marlin firmware from our website and download it ready to compile (all with a single mouse click too).


Brief introduction

Due to the speed of the Marlin development team, and the limited time I have lately, this tool had been left supporting firmware v2.0.6.1. This version is a completely stable and functional firmware, but it no longer brought with it all the new improvements added from these months ago.

However, it was time for an update and some improvements that I had in mind, so it has been updated to the latest firmware available (currently firmware v2.0.9.1) and some improvements have been made too.

If you want to know more about the Marlin Builder, do not hesitate to continue reading the article. And as we always comment in our articles, we have a large community of people upset by 3D printing on Telegram, so don’t hesitate to visit us if you are extremelly interested in 3D printing technologies.


Module 1: Preconfigured Firmware (+220 Firmwares)

Marlin Builder 1

In this module you will find available a database of firmwares for more than 220 commercial printers. These firmwares are available for download and updated to the latest official version of Marlin (currently v2091).

In this update of the commercial firmwares database, we can highlight the following new features:

  • Updated the number of commercial firmwares available (+220 Marlin firmwares)
  • Firmware version updated to v2.0.9.1 (latest available at marlinfw.org)
  • Added file “platformio.ini” fully configured for your printer
  • Downloaded firmware ready for compilation with Visual Studio Code


Module 2: Custom Firmware Builder (v2.0.9.1)

Marlin Builder 2

In the Marlin build module (Marlin Builder v2.0), support has been added for quite a few enhancements brought with it by the latest firmwares deployed by the development team.

Although adding each and every one of the firmware options is complicated, they are the main ones for the configuration of a fully functional firmware.

If you later miss a parameter, you can always edit the downloaded firmware and finish the “final touches”. Or also report us that you are missing in our Telegram channel and we can add it to Marlin Builder support.


In this update of the custom firmware configurator, we can highlight the following new features :

  • Firmware version updated to v2.0.9.1 (latest available at marlinfw.org)
  • Added environment selector (ENV) of the file “platformio.ini”, for its correct compilation with Visual Studio Code
  • Added list of boards to extract the correct environment (ENV) to configure for your electronics
  • Updated number of axes in all necessary parameters (support for I, J, K axes)
  • Added configuration of new sensors (TEMP_SENSOR_COOLER, TEMP_SENSOR_REDUNDANT)
  • Added new COREXY printer variant (MARKFORGED_XY)
  • Added selector of different multimaterial units (MMU Units)
  • Application fully translated into English and Spanish (with language selector in the main menu)
  • Some minor improvements and fixes



I hope that this update and Marlin Builder v2.0 can help you when configuring and compiling firmwares, or at least save you a little bit of your precious time.

And as is normal in any type of development, this application is not exempt from possible bugs, so do not hesitate to notify us of any failure or possible correction that may improve the user experience.


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