Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro: Review of a great resin printer for home use

Today at 3DWork we are going to review a mid-size resin printer (SLA) that has certainly left a good taste in our mouths. Specifically, the model we are talking about is Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.

This printer uses a printing technology called stereolithography, which involves photosensitive resin (instead of filament) and ultraviolet light to generate parts on a printing surface. If you are curious about the different types of 3D printing technologies, be sure to visit our article: Discover the most important 3D printing technologies

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Brief introduction

The company Elegoo, in case you don’t know, is an important manufacturer of 3D printers and a benchmark in printers that use SLA technology (stereolithography) in particular.

And this is because it has created some of the best current SLA printers on the market, always within its range, and also has perfectly understood the real needs of the market. Quality and versatile products with an excellent value for money.

If you wish, you can visit their official page at next link. There you will find the full range of resin printers (SLA) that it has available, as well as other filament printers (FDM) and even development kits for education (STEM).

Elegoo Jupiter 6K: A new flagship arrives on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer is part of the “Mars Series”, which includes 5 products already on its list. Specifically, the Mars 2 Pro printer, with the exception of the Mars 3 (4K) which is on pre-sale, is the last model on this list and has many improvements over the predecessor models.

As novelties we could highlight the greater light power, shorter exposure times, a slightly larger bed and perhaps the excellent compatibility with Chitubox, something that is always appreciated by the community.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

In addition to the “Mars Series” it also has the “Saturn Series“, with a larger build volume printer (8.9 “inches) and the new flagship (currently in the Kickstarter campaign), the Elegoo Jupiter, with a extraordinary volume of 12.8 “inches.

Technical characteristics

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
  • Technology: UV light curing
  • Light source: built-in ultraviolet light (wavelength 405nm)
  • Layer Height: 0.01-0.2mm
  • Printing speed: 30-50mm/h
  • Z axis accuracy: 0.00125mm
  • XY resolution: 0.05mm (1620 * 2560)
  • Slicer: ChituBox
  • Build volume: 5,08″ (length) * 3,15″ (width) * 6,30″ (height)
  • Languages: Chinese English Japanese Dutch Korean French German Russian Italian Spanish Turkish Portuguese
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Weight: 13,67 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7,87″ (length) * 7,87″ (width) * 16,14″ (height)

Where to buy the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro?


Elegoo being a benchmark brand in 3D printing, we can find its products in countless online stores as you can imagine. Here we leave you some direct links to several of them.

If you use them, the price of the product will be the same as if you log in regularly, but 3DWork will have a small commission left, and we will be eternally grateful.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Amazon Logo PNG e1579685453346 aliexpress logomarkets e1632995005390
Elegoo Mercury (washing) Amazon Logo PNG e1579685453346 aliexpress logo markets e1632995005390
Air purifier with filter Amazon Logo PNG e1579685453346 aliexpress logo markets e1632995005390

You can also use our product finder for 3D printing, where with a single search you will be shown prices from different marketplaces (Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood, etc.)


Package content

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

When you unpack our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer you will be able to find the typical tools that all manufacturers bring for this type of machine (gloves, spatula, filters, etc.), as well as the machine itself.

It should be noted that this is carefully packed from the source, ensuring that we will not have any problems in transport except for a major cause. We proceed to list the content:

  • Mars 2 Pro printer
  • Printing platform with ball joint
  • Resin tank or VAT
  • USB flash drive with manuals and RERF tests
  • Gloves * 3
  • Metal spatula
  • Plastic spatula
  • Spare screws and tools
  • Resin filters * 10
  • Power adapter and power cord

Analysis and experience of use

As we have previously commented, the printer Elegoo Mars 2 Pro has many similarities with its younger sister, the Elegoo Mars Pro.

However, two very important aspects have been greatly improved. The first is the inclusion of a monochrome LCD panel, a technology that is now leaving the previous UV panels on the market behind.

LCD Panel


These new panels offers much faster curing times, allowing shorter printing times in addition to multiplying the useful life of the same, up to 4 times compared to the old ones.

While the Mars Pro had a 5.5-inch screen, which translated into a useful printing area of ​​120x68mm, the new Elegoo Mars 2 Pro ups the ante with a LCD panel 6.08-inch monochrome.

This LCD measurement offers us about 130x82mm of printing area for the X and Y axis. In the case of the Z axis we will get 5mm more in height, reaching up to 160mm.

Its resolution of 2560×1620 pixels allows us to obtain a boxel (minimum printing area in X/Y/Z) of 50 microns. In the Elegoo Mars Pro it reached 47 microns, something that the human eye will hardly be able to capture, but that we will notice in the curing time, drastically reducing the printing time (38% less than with the Elegoo Mars Pro).

Structure and platform

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro has a machined aluminum body that undoubtedly offers a robust and highly durable chassis. Including the resin or VAT tray, which is firmly attached to the base by means of the typical upper anchors.

This system is quite simple, but we must handle it carefully during VAT extraction to avoid damaging the screen.

The printing platform uses a ball joint system that by means of two screws allows us to carry out the leveling process very easily and improving by its I design greatly manipulating it.

Since the resin is liquid it is very important that our printer is on a stable and correctly leveled surface. For this Elegoo has equipped the Mars 2 Pro with feet that allow the printer to be leveled, very correctly.

Active carbon filter

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Another aspect to highlight in the construction of the machine is the inclusion of a active carbon filter that helps to filter part of the gases derived from the use of resin and that is always appreciated.

Although we have already commented that the Mars 2 Pro has an active carbon air filter it is always advisable to reinforce this filter, especially if the printer is going to be indoors without much ventilation.

filtro aire elegoo

For this purpose, Elegoo has specific activated carbon filters with built-in ventilation, which are an excellent complement to the existing ones. In this way you ensure an almost total filtering of harmful gases and bad odors in some types of resin.

Electronics and firmware

mars2p board

The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro mounts a Chitu board and firmware, which means that we are going to have full compatibility with the most widely used laminating software, called Chitubox.

Emphasize at this point that another laminator that we love is Lychee and that it also has support for this machine as it could not be otherwise.

Pieces printed with Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Here are some pieces printed with the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer (click on image to enlarge). For the preparation we have used the free version of Chitubox, which you simply have to select the printer profile and to work without any problem (full compatibility).

Elegoo also has a wide range of photopolymer resins (405nm), so that you can use them in each and every one of its machines, as you can see in the next link.

IMG 1114
IMG 1113
IMG 1112
IMG 1123

Elegoo Mercury, the perfect complement

Elegoo Mercury Plus

One of the tasks that gives me the most laziness is the handling (or post-processing) of the pieces printed in resin. In this regard, Elegoo has thought of simplifying and adding security to the handling of resin with an additional product called Elegoo Mercury Plus.

The Elegoo Mercury Plus is a 2-in-1 cleaning and post-curing station, which greatly facilitates the process once our parts leave our printer. Its washing function allows us to directly use the printing platform or use the included basket in order to avoid direct contact with the uncured resin as much as possible.

On the other hand, the curing section has UV LEDs of 385 nm and 405 nm that, together with the 360 degree turntable, cure uniformly the whole piece.

It also has a small TFT screen to show the washing and curing times, as well as an automatic protection that when lifting the cover stops the operation in progress for safety.

Final evaluation

In our tests we have been able to compare impressions between the Elegoo Mars Pro (old) and the Mars 2 Pro confirming the excellent quality of its new LCD panel, offering us parts of exceptional quality in incredibly fast times.

Another interesting aspect by Elegoo that shows the level of detail and quality for its part is the inclusion of a support for the angled printing platform, and of this way, drain the excess resin from our piece once it is finished.

Its large touch screen with an intuitive interface and powerful options end up making this printer one of the easiest to use from the first minute.

Although today this Mars 2 Pro does not have the latest technologies such as 4K or higher print volume, thanks to its print quality as well as its contained price, they make it one of the better choices. Both for novice or experienced users, who want a reliable machine in all its facets.

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