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ELEGOO Saturn 2: Large size and higher resolution resin printer

Today we bring you a review of one of the best SLA machines in its range, the ELEGOO Saturn 2, a complete review with many interesting improvements over its sisters ELEGOO Saturn and Saturn S.

If the ELEGOO Saturn was a real success, perhaps the Saturn S despite its improvements did not enjoy as much diffusion… ELEGOO with this Saturn 2 has created a machine that will be very interesting both for new users and those who want to renew or upgrade their current machines.

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ELEGOO Saturn 2 Printer

Promotional video ELEGOO Saturn 2

As we saw in the analysis of the ELEGOO Mars 3 4K a few weeks ago ELEGOO has once again improved its excellent previous Saturn model, improving many of its technical aspects and especially a careful exterior appearance with a much more stylized design and in line with the ELEGOO Mars 3 4K.

But not only have they applied aesthetic improvements, but they have also improved many more aspects that we summarize below and that we will explain in more detail:

  • Higher print volume and improved resolution by 43%
  • FCLS system that allows, through a Fresnel lens system, the optimal distribution of UV light
  • Screen protection with a replaceable H9 tempered glass
  • Improvements in the printing platform system that make it more manageable and comfortable to use
  • The inclusion of a port and an ELEGOO purifier to maintain a clean environment at all times
  • An opening was added in the hood to be able to adapt an extractor or heating system depending on our needs.
  • The completely metallic VAT system has been improved making it more comfortable and safe
  • Use of PFA sheets that improves light transfer and will reduce adhesion tension, significantly reducing failures in our prints
  • Support from launch for the two most used laminators, Chitubox and Lychee
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Where can I buy the ELEGOO Saturn 2?

Today if you want to get the ELEGOO Saturn 2 you will only be able to do it with a pre-booking through its website and if you are one of the first 1000 you will have a special price.

They also have a very attractive kit where the printer comes, 5 PFAs, and a spare metal VAT tank.

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You can use our search engine called Markets.sx. In this way, you will literally search different online marketplaces with one click (Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc.) and it will show you the results in a single search.

Features and contents of the ELEGOO Saturn 2 kit

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Below we list the official characteristics (extracted from the manufacturer’s website), of the ELEGOO Saturn 2 printer:

  • Print volume: 219mm (L) x 123mm (W) x 250mm (H)
  • Layer height: 0.01-0.2mm
  • XY Resolution: 0.0285mm (7680 x 4320 pixels)
  • Z-axis precision: 0.00125 mm
  • Printing speed: 30-70mm/h
  • Leveling: Manual (assisted by screen)
  • Screen: 3.5″ touch
  • Resin: 405nm UV recommended the use of specific 8K
  • Software: ChiTuBox, Lychee Slicer

As always, ELEGOO pays special attention to both the packaging of all the components as well as including everything necessary, except resin, for its start-up and maintenance.

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Analysis and user experience

Although we have been with our ELEGOO Saturn 2 for a few hours, we can tell you that we are more than in love with it.

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Although we are used to the design of our ELEGOO Mars 3 4K when we unboxed it, in addition to the impressive size of the machine, we loved the new style that has been given to this Saturn 2.

The new 3.5″ color touch screen with a beautiful, simple, and functional interface, as well as including the power button on the front, make it very comfortable to use. In this aspect, something that we did not like so much is that the location of the USB is on the side instead of the front, which seems a little more comfortable to us.

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Another interesting novelty is the use of PFA instead of the traditional FEP, which basically improves light transfer, has greater thermal stability, and will reduce adhesion stress, significantly reducing failures in our prints. We can tell you that for now, it has been perfect in our test impressions.

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Although not visible in the photo, the VAT has a useful maximum level signal.

We also liked the metallic VAT and its quite comfortable fastening system that allows us to handle it safely. It also has a maximum resin level mark and adapted corners to easily empty the tank.

And going into more technical details we cannot forget the major improvements included in this ELEGOO Saturn 2 10″ display, 9.1″ screen in the Saturn S… and with an 8K resolution of 7680×4320 and 28.5 microns in screen size. pixel and an impressive contrast ratio of 380:1, 4K and 4098×2560 with 48 microns in the case of the Saturn S, we can assure you that you will be able to obtain some pieces with amazing detail.

Another improvement introduced is the FCSL system, which by incorporating special Fresnel lenses improves the diffusion of UV light.

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Continuing with the screen and something that has always had enough controversy since the launch of monochrome screens is that they lack protection. ELEGOO listening to its users and given that the cost of a screen is not trivial, it has opted for the installation of replaceable tempered glass with H9 protection that can save us on more than one occasion from any resin leak.

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ELEGOO has not neglected user safety by adding a connector, similar to a USB but be careful… at 24v, to be able to connect the ELEGOO activated carbon filter that is included and that will significantly reduce odor and certain particles that are released from the printing process.

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If you are not familiar with resin printers, it is a technology that allows you to obtain incredible detail compared to other technologies such as filament extrusion.
On the other hand, remind you that the resins used by this type of printer are or can be potentially dangerous given their toxicity, whether in contact with the skin or eyes or inhalation of gases, for which it is essential to take all appropriate safety measures such as the use of masks for filtering quality air, gloves, goggles and working in well-ventilated rooms.
Lastly, we would also like to remind you that this type of technology requires post-processing of our pieces, such as cleaning and curing them, and that we have to adequately manage the waste generated by their use.

In addition, ELEGOO has added an opening in the hood of this Saturn 2 to be able to install an extractor/heater, which is undoubtedly very interesting to improve air filtering or printing conditions, which are sometimes very important when obtaining prints. optimal.

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Initial start-up

The installation process of the ELEGOO Saturn 2, as usual in this type of machine, is extremely simple.

Once we take the Saturn 2 out of its box and beware that it is a bulky machine, we just have to follow a few simple steps.

  • We will remove the resin tank/VAT carefully, use the leveling sheet to protect the screen and install the build platform securely (3) and loosen the two set screws (1 2) with the included M8 Allen tool.
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The leveling sheet has a slightly different thickness than the ones normally used by the new resin tank/VAT fixing system, so we advise you to store it well 😄

  • We will go to the leveling menu, Tools / Manual, and press the Home icon. Once the printing platform is positioned in its location we will use the included M8 Allen key to tighten the screws in order (1 2) during the process we will keep the platform correctly oriented with our hand and press lightly for a good alignment with the screen.
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  • If we see that once the fixing screws have been tightened we see that the leveling blade comes out without resistance or has excessive resistance to being extracted… we can repeat the previous process or we can use the movement arrows, using 0.10mm, to correct the height until we can remove the calibration sheet evenly and with some resistance when removed.
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  • Once the leveling process is done, we will return to the Tools menu and click on Set Z=0.
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  • Finally, and to be able to install the resin or VAT tank again, we will move it manually from the corresponding option on the screen by pressing as many times until we can install our resin tank in its location.

We remind you that both the screen and the PFA pre-installed in the resin tank have protectors that we must remove.

  • It is advisable as a next step to carry out a test of the screen and the UV. To do this we will go to Tools/Exposure where we will press the Next button and we will see on the display if everything is correct the ELEGOO logo.
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We already have our printer ready to print, inside the USB we have a typical test to verify that everything is correct. Once we have our test done, we advise you to start carrying out the exposure tests to adjust the times of our resin for our ELEGOO Saturn 2.

Print quality

We have to tell you that if already with the Saturn/S the printing surface was a joy to carry out large projects or take full advantage of our projects with small parts with a greater number of them, thus optimizing the time and cost of printing… with the extra size of the Saturn 2 we can think a little bigger.

Without a doubt, all the improvements introduced in this Saturn 2 are noticeable, which again is not a mere change in external design, but rather provides refreshment in the technical characteristics that provide greater quality/definition in our printed pieces with its 8K screen and its 28µm.

Another noteworthy aspect on which we are carrying out different tests has to do with the pixel size ratio, 28µm in our Saturn 2, and the layer height.

We believe that on machines with these resolutions and if we are looking for pieces with a lot of detail, the optimal layer height has to be similar to his pixel resolution, which in this case we are testing with 0.03-0.025mm to try to find the balance between speed and maximum quality.

On the other hand, a common problem in these machines of these sizes, and quite critical, is the adhesion of the pieces on all the available surface. In this aspect, three aspects are critical: correct leveling and tensioning of the PFA/FEP, of course, correct configuration of our printing parameters such as exposure/speed, and finally, the conditions of our resin and distribution of UV light.

The ELEGOO Saturn 2 has worked by introducing improvements in some of these aspects such as the usage of the PFA, the use of FCSL and its fresnel lenses that allow a uniform distribution throughout the printing area, and finally the inclusion in the hood of the option of to be able to incorporate, for example, extractors/heaters for optimal printing conditions.

We will shortly update this section including pieces from different projects that we are currently working on to have real examples and be able to compare them.

New Mercury XS cleaning and curing station

ELEGOO has thought of everything and together with the ELEGOO Saturn 2 launched the perfect cleaning and curing station for it.

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The kit includes two bases to be able to use it as curing and cleaning station independently, something that is ideal for not having to change components at such a critical moment as the post-processing of our pieces… that is… we will need enough space 😄

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A couple of interesting things about this cleaning and curing station that we loved have been the inclusion of four UV bars for curing, we have two vertical ones and one at the base that considerably improves curing our pieces… and an external room to be able to cure our pieces internally which is a sensational detail.

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You can find them in pre-order also on the ELEGOO website here.

New range of ELEGOO 8K resins

Alongside the Saturn 2, ELEGOO has launched its range of 8K specific resins that promise incredible detail to get the most out of our machine.

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You can find them in pre-order also on the ELEGOO website in two versions, standard and water washable.

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