5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D

5 excellent reasons to buy a 3D printer

New 3D printers appear every day that provide us with previously unseen features and functionality. It is a fact that 3D printing technology advances slowly but inexorably.

New printers, new materials, different printing systems, etc. It is becoming everyday to wake up with something new about the world of 3D printing, something that is welcome.



Now, is it really worth it for a non-professional to acquire a 3D printer? This is a good question, and the answer is not that simple. So in this article I will limit myself to stating 5 good reasons to buy a printer 3D and each one to decide for himself.

And if in the end you decide to buy a domestic 3D printer for your home, do not hesitate to consult this guide that you also have available on our website: Buy a 3D printer: Essential guide to buy your first 3D printer in 2021. If you are new, it will serve as a starting point.

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Quick accessibility to prototyping

5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D

Do you need to quickly make a functional prototype of a design that you have made in your company? 3D printing is the best way to make a quick and inexpensive prototype, to test the part and determine if it fits your needs.

Now you have a multitude of 3D printing technologies and countless materials. You will have no problem choosing the most suitable one. And if you have doubts, you can always resort to some 3D Printing Service as consulting.

In this way, you will eliminate eternal waiting times, high production costs and constant design reviews. It really is something extraordinary. And once the process is finished you can send it to production using any other type of manufacturing processes more optimized for series productions.


Create unique and interesting objects

5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D

Access to designs or parts to print with your 3D printer can be practically unlimited. From creating your own parts with 3D design programs such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks or FreeCAD to download them from free web pages.

There are dozens of web pages with designs by other “Makers” who upload their designs to the net for free. You can download and modify them at will. Everything is at your fingertips and without leaving home.

You probably already know Thingiverse , one of the most important repositories of models for 3D printers, but here you have some links to other very interesting ones. There are also search engines like “Google” for STL files, such as Yeggi and STL Finder.

Platform Website type URL
Thingiverse Free models
Cults3DM Free and paid models
MyMiniFactory Free and paid models
STL Finder Search Engine
Gambody Payment models
Pinshape Free and paid models
Yeggi Search Engine
GrabCAD Free CAD Models
PrusaPrinters Free models


3D printing as a new hobby

5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D

The right question should be Why not buy a 3D printer? In the event that you have no financial or professional interest, it can become one of your best hobbies. You will spend hours and hours designing, printing and retouching pieces, and of course, enjoying yourself.

3D printers are fun machines, which carry their problems and the search for solutions. It will take you a while to master it, it is not as simple as it sounds, but if you like it you will enjoy every minute you invest in it. Who said fear?


Be part of the “Maker” movement

5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D

Regardless of the fact that 3D printing gives us the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge, what feeling is more satisfying than repairing/designing your own parts yourself? That is fundamentally the basis of the “Maker” movement.

Since our origins we have always had the need to make objects, our food, our clothes, tools, etc. The “Maker” movement is identified with the idea of ​​”do it yourself”, a cultural movement of the 1950s. And why not go back to it? Remember, we are all “Makers” at birth.


To learn yourself and train your children

5 buenas razones para comprar una impresora 3D
Thanks to 3D printing you can offer a new dimension of learning to your children. Involve them in such a way that education is more interesting and fun for them. You can print educational pieces, such as atoms or planets, or directly toys for them. Also tools to develop your skills, and a host of other things.

All of this will stimulate their curiosity and inspire further learning. In addition to improving your creativity and knowledge of your children. Age has no limit, young or old, there is room for everyone (even for you).

Obviously when using 3D printers, you must always be vigilant and especially if they are very young. 3D printers get very hot, so you have to be very careful with some components while they are running.


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