Raspberry Pi 4: New PCB Review Fixing USB-C Port Failure

A few months ago, exactly in June 2019, the development team behind the Raspberry Pi devices announced its new version, 4 specifically. These new versions brought important updates and benefits, especially in the performance of this devices.

However, different users began to report different issues with these Raspberry Pi 4 boards. From intermittent WiFi connections, USB-C port cable and charger problems, overheating your CPU, and even incompatibilities with existing Linux distributions.

The problem is that most of these problems cannot be corrected via software, but require changes to the hardware of the device itself. In fact, I was planning to buy a new version 4 myself (my third Raspberry Pi), but in the end I made the decision to delay my purchase for obvious reasons.


New PCB revision now available (rev. C03112)

RaspPI thermal issue

We have recently know that the responsible team behind the development of Raspberry Pi have definitely solved the problem that directly affected the USB-C port. Apparently all the new units supplied would not come with the limitation (or failure) of it.

However, if you have an affected Raspberry 4, you can always consult the article on the website Tomshardware.com where they mention different compatible cables to be sure of not having any problem.

Although there is no easy way to find out if the boards are new revision, it is possible to detect it by running the command “cat /proc/cpuinfo” in the console and looking for revision c03112 as a result.

I hope that for future developments the Raspberry Pi team will pay a little more attention to their developments, since development is as important as the final testing of a product itself.

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