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TwoTrees TTS-55 (Review): Versatile and very easy to use laser engraver

Although we normally focus on 3D printing, every good maker should have a laser engraver/cutter and perhaps a CNC machine in their “workshop”.

Like 3D printers, laser engravers/cutters are becoming more accessible, more powerful, and more reliable. TwoTrees has provided us with its TTS-55, an entry model that mounts a high-precision 5.5W laser engraver/cutter, cut the size of 300x300mm as well as includes interesting wireless connectivity.

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TwoTrees TTS-55

As we already told you at the beginning of this review, we find the TTS-55 an accessible laser engraving kit, with good construction and power within the limitations of a 5.5W laser.

We have an aluminum chassis that is easily assembled and includes some very useful serigraphs as a rule. On the other hand, thanks to its two motors on the Y axis, they allow precise movements when moving the laser head, something that improves the final quality of our engravings/cuts.

Technical specifications

Laser Power5.5W (diode type)
Dimensions570 * 510 mm
Maximum engraved size300 * 300 mm (there is an extension kit to 420 * 400 mm)
Engraving speed10000 mm/min
Supported materials (engraving)stainless steel, plastic, wood, leather, sponge paper, etc…
ScreenNo, but we can add a MKS TS35 R
Available portsUSB, microSD
Engraving/Cut SoftwareLaserGRBL, LightBurn

Where to buy TwoTrees TTS-55?

Given that TwoTrees has a store on its own website, we advise you to go through it to purchase your TTS-55 , so we will ensure that you receive it safely and quickly… and where we can find discounts and interesting offers.

TwoTrees TTS-55black logoaliexpress logo
Kit expansión 420*400mmblack logoaliexpress logo
MKS TS35-R v2 (pantalla)aliexpress logo

Unboxing and assembly

As we have already mentioned, the TTS-55 comes pre-assembled and will require a few simple steps to assemble and make it ready for use. In the kit, we can find two boxes, one with the laser unit and another with the rest of the components with everything necessary to assemble the machine.

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Below we provide you with a great video of TwoTrees where we can see the whole process, in about 20m we should have our TTS-55 operational. Although a complete manual in several languages ​​on paper and a digital copy on the included microSD is also included.

Something that we liked is the modular system very similar to that of our 3D printers, this allows us to improve and replace many parts of it.

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Reviewing one of the most important parts of a laser engraver, we find a 5.5W laser head with a comfortable and ingenious UV shield system using magnets that, in addition to protecting our eyes, allows us to easily remove it if necessary , in this case remember that it is essential to use the safety glasses included in the kit.

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Although we have already commented that the TTS-55 has a 5.5W laser which may be fair for some materials, the assembled unit is of quality, and it really works and delivers those 5.5W that it promises.

The use of LD+FAC+C lenses with a fixed focus of just 23mm with a wavelength of 445nm, also has a precision of 0.08mm and has an output power of about 20W.

We always recommend the use of the included safety glasses when handling or using the TTS-55

Another notable aspect apart from its elegant design is that TwoTrees greatly facilitates the management of the cables, which are well protected and anchored so that they do not interfere during the use of the TTS-55 .

We also liked having an accessible button to be able to perform an emergency stop at any time.

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The TTS-55 mounts MKS LTS electronics (with MKS DLC32 firmware) that has a 32b MCU with the possibility of connecting improvements such as limit switches, air outlets, MKS TS35 or TS24 screen (requires another firmware!!!).

Regarding the connectivity options, our TwoTrees TTS-55 is one of the most complete in this aspect for this price range.

We have the typical USB and microSD connectors and, something that we are not used to having in machines of this range, WiFi through which we can connect wirelessly, which together with the MKS Laser app ( Android / iOS ) gives us some interesting options for use.

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As we always like to give a 3Dwork.io touch to our machines, we decided to provide the TTS-55 with a screen, the MKS TS35R, which allows us to control the machine directly without using an external device, something not strictly necessary but yes. which for this type of machine is comfortable and functional.

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It is also compatible with the typical engraving programs given its GRBL compatibility, we can use LaserGRBL or the great LightBurn if we are looking for many options since it requires a license.

Laser engraving and cutting

Recalling again some of its technical characteristics, the TTS-55 has a 5.5W laser that, although it is not powerful enough to work with depending on what materials, on the other hand, compensates with good speed and engraving precision.

Thanks to its structure and mechanics we can reach up to 10000mm/min with good results considering its engraving surface of 300 * 300mm which we can expand up to 420 * 400 using its expansion kit sold separately.

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If there is one aspect where this machine stands out, it is in its use for engraving. We can work with a wide variety of materials such as wood, leather, plastic, etc… with excellent results.

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On the other hand, and despite the fact that its laser with its 5.5W may seem few, its laser behaves decently for use on acrylic and stainless steel, in these cases, it is advisable to mask the surface with a black tint to improve the finish.

We show you some of our tests where you can see the great options that we can obtain in this aspect of our TTS-55:

spaces%2F MTqLw6KI5FruaRNEMZD 887967055%2Fuploads%2FXJhQ0VrVBYwS7n3aPVO1%2Fimage
Engraving image on wood
image 2
Pet collar in painted aluminum.


As you can already guess the cutting part on this TTS-55 does not shine as much as the engraving part . Again the 5.5W laser can be just right for these tasks.

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Although TwoTrees colleagues indicate wood cutting 8mm thick in our tests we did not find a way to reach that 8 mm with decent results, even with MDF it has also been difficult to make cuts with much smaller thicknesses.

In our tests, we have been able to cut 5mm plywood, 3mm acrylic, and just under 1mm thick leather.

Taking advantage of the Amazon Prime offers we got a Ring Doorbell and what better than using our TTS-55 to make our adapter which we made in 5mm black methacrylate without problems!!!
Continuing with methacrylate, in this case, red and 3mm thick, we made some posters for some projects that we had pending.
We also take the opportunity to make various supports for our paintings and other wood projects, and our TTS-55 behaving excellently!!!

spaces%2F MTqLw6KI5FruaRNEMZD
Ring Doorbell adapter in black methacrylate 5mm
image 3
Cutting red methacrylate 3mm
image 4
Wood cut 3mm

Final assessment

After spending a few days, testing, engraving/cutting parts, and applying some improvements to the machine such as an air assistant and the screen, we can say that the quality of the engraving that we have found on this machine has probably surprised us because of the quality of the laser that it provides. mount that despite being 5.5W has a very good quality that together with the rest of the set makes the results shine.

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In the aspect that, although it was not one of the objectives of using this TTS-55, it did not impress us, it is in the cutting aspect, which is where it has limitations, but honestly for the price of the kit, the quality of the components/assembly and having WiFi control is an excellent choice if we want a machine with a low cost, simple and powerful for use in engraving.

And for now this is all, we hope that the article TwoTrees TTS-55 (Review): Versatile and very easy to use laser engraver has been to your interest.

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