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3D Printed Column Drill for Dremel Tool

Today in we bring you a very interesting article on how to make a 3D Printed Column Drill for Dremel Tool, which can be very useful if you usually design homemade electronic boards for your projects.

Probably you have already tried to make holes in electronic boards on some occasion using a normal drill, and seeing how they inexorably broke during the process. Now and thanks to Daunemo, an experienced Thingiverse user, you can forget about this problem and build your own 3D printed column drill very easily.

In the building process, apart from the Dremel and 3D prints, some extra components will be required. Like for example some LM8UU bearings, a pair of 8mm steel rods, screws, washers and little else. All very cheap components, everything is said.



Required components

For the construction of this column drill you will need the complete list of components, which you can find on its website by clicking on the next link in a very comprehensive article on the manufacturing process.

Or if you wish, you can use our component search engine, where you can compare prices in different Marketplaces (Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood, etc.) with a single search and very easily.



For the realization of the 3D printed pieces you must download the STL directly from Thingiverse or from MyMiniFactory (both links available).

According to Daunemo, his drill press should be able to adapt to most rotary tools, although he has only been able to test it in his Dremel Skil. If this is not the case, you can always modify the part of the head that supports it.

There are many commercial solutions to use as more reliable and efficient column drills, that is indisputable. But if you have a “Maker” soul, you are fascinated by electronics and you have free time, this column drill is an interesting project to consider.

In addition, it is very likely that you already have all these components of some disused 3D printer at home, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself will be priceless.

We hope as always that this article has been of interest to you. Do not forget to leave your comments at the end of it.


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