Testing JIC

Make your own PCB Tester using acupuncture needles and your 3D printer

If you are electronic or electronic hobbyist in general, you have probably used testing boards (or probing JICs) on occasion. These are often used to verify electronic boards or directly program them.

There are countless of them, from manual to fully automatic and you can easily buy them in countless online stores. However, our colleague Giuseppe Finizia decided one day to design and print his own completely versatile PCB Tester simply by using acupuncture needles, some cables and his 3D printer, cheaper impossible.


Printing your own PCB Tester

Testing JIC2

Giuseppe Finizia currently works in an electronic forensic laboratory and, obviously, he needs to carry out probes in an infinite number of seized devices. And how to hold 5 probes connected to an electronic board with your own fingers while operating an oscilloscope and your computer is quite complicated, he could not think of anything other than using acupuncture needles, a real discovery.

Giuseppe designed a base with 8 slots through which some hooks move to be able to fix the electronic board (within an acceptable size). In this way, the tester will allow us to accommodate any PCB without any problem, even with irregular shapes.

In addition, he prepared some supports in the form of “cranes” to hold the probes. He then ingeniously added acupuncture needles, which allow some flexibility to maintain contact with the plate at all times.

As always, if you are interested in this project, you can download the necessary files on the Thingiverse platform at this link. Or if you wish and you do not have a 3D printer, you can purchase it at a reasonable price directly from this website.

It is not the first time that we can see interesting tools and applications born of 3D printing, and this is a clear example. Simple to manufacture and within the reach of anyone with a 3D printer.

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