Black Friday 2022
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Warming up for Black Friday 2022: Offers from Elegoo, Anycubic, Voxelab, etc.

The first Black Friday deals for this year 2022 are already here. Various companies and online stores with products on 3D printing are ahead and already offer us succulent discounts in their catalogue.

In this 3DWork article we compile some offers from our collaborators in case you have missed them and may be of interest to you.

If you use the shopping links, the price of the product will be the same as if you access it regularly, but 3DWork will have a small commission. Something that will help us support the project and continue generating content.

Black Friday deals: ELEGOO


The 3D printing product company Elegoo has been going strong, offering discounts on numerous items in its catalog ranging from 15% to 27% off. Be sure to take a look at the offers that he has published for this Black Friday 2022.

Neptune 2S FDM 3D Printeraliexpress logo-31%
Mars 3 PRO MSLA Resin 3D Printeraliexpress logo-33%
ABS-Like 3D Printer Rapid Resinaliexpress logo-15%
Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Wash/Curing Station V2aliexpress logo-15%
Mercury XS Bundle Separate Washing/Curing Stationaliexpress logo-15%
Water Washable Rapid 3D Printer Resinaliexpress logo-15%
Saturn S MONO MSLA 3D Printeraliexpress logo-15%
Mini Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filteraliexpress logo-15%

Black Friday deals: ANYCUBIC

Anycubic logo

Another of the leading companies in the market worldwide and with a wide catalog for filament and resin is Anycubic. Here we leave you some published offers, as well as the discounts to the right of them.

Photon Mono 4KAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-16,67% / -28,90%
Photon Mono X 6Kaliexpress logo-15,52% / -23%
Photon M3Amazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-20,59% / -25%
Photon M3 PlusAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-17,14% / -23%
Photon D2aliexpress logo-25% / -26%
Wash&Cure 2.0Amazon Logo PNG e1579685453346-26,67%
Wash&Cure PlusAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346-20%
KobraAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-33,33% / -35%
Kobra PlusAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-21,67% / -24%
Kobra MaxAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-25,68% / -28%
Kobra GoAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-16% / -28%
Kobra NeoAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-27,78% / -33%
VyperAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-12,53% / -40%
Standard ResinAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346-20,01%
Water-wash resinAmazon Logo PNG e1579685453346aliexpress logo-28,90% / -28%

Black Friday deals: BIGTREETECH

image 11

Take advantage of these Bigtreetech/BIQU offers to update your machine at the best price!!!

BIGTREETECH BTT SKR 3 EZ 32Bit Motherboard EZ5160 Pro TMC2208 Upgrade SKR2 Control Board F r.jpg Q90.jpg

SKR 3 & EZ

A true beast of electronics perfect to enhance your machine with more power and features!!!
link to our review
BIGTREETECH BTT SKR MINI E3 V 3 0 32 Bit Motherboard Onboard TMC2209 UART Unterst tzung.jpg Q90.jpg


Do you have an Ender? Do not miss this offer and improve your electronics!!!
link to our review
BIGTREETECH BTT Octopus PRO V 1 0 Motherboard Auf Board MAX31865 TMC2209 Raspberry Pi Control Board.jpg Q90.jpg

Octopus PRO v1.0

The best electronics for your CoreXY machine!!! no limits!!!
link to our review
BIGTREETECH MANTA M8P V 1 0 MANTA M4P 3D Motherboard TMC2209 Unterst tzung Klipper Marlin VS.jpg Q90.jpg

Manta M8P & M4P

Do you want to jump to Klipper?
One of the best electronics to do it!!!

Black Friday deals: FYSETC

image 10

Our Fysetc colleagues could not miss our list of favorite promotions for Black Friday with great discounts on their star products!!!

BLV kit completo de impresora 3d MGN Cube No incluye piezas impresas 365mm altura del eje.jpg Q90.jpg


One of the best DIY printers on the market in a complete kit, here is our review.
FYSETC Klon Prusa i3 MK3S 3D Drucker DIY Hohe Qualit t Kits mit Super Pinda und.jpg Q90.jpg

Clone i3 MK3S+

Kit of a classic in 3D printing. The preferred printer of those who start.
FYSETC VORON V 0 1 0 1 Corexy 3D Drucker Kit mit Geschlossenen Panels.jpg Q90.jpg


Don’t be fooled by its small size, this printer is a very capable beast!!! review link
FYSETC Enrager Kaninchen Karotte Feeder ERCF ERB Bord Multi Material MMU KIT F r Voron Switchwire.jpg Q90.jpg

ERCF (MMU Klipper)

The perfect complement to our DIY machine for multi-material printing if you use Klipper.
FYSETC 350mm 300mm Voron 2 4 R2 3D Drucker DIY CoreXY 3D Drucker Kit mit Never.png

VORON 2.4 R2

If you want to play in another league, you can’t miss this amazing DIY kit!!!

Black Friday deals: VOXELAB

Voxelab, the brand that owns FlashForge, has also launched several of its filament and resin 3D printers. Here you can see their offers, with spectacular discounts in some cases of up to 50% (in resin printers).

Voxelab Aquila S2 FDM-34%
Voxelab Aquila C2 FDM-18%
Voxelab Aries STEM FDM-36%
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 2K Mono LCD Resin Printer-55%
Voxelab Proxima 6.0 4K Mono LCD 3D Resin Printer-52%

Black Friday deals: TWO TREES

Two Trees LOGO 512x128 1

Another of our regular partners is TwoTrees, a well-known manufacturer of laser engravers and 3D printers. Within its catalog you can find the following offers for this Black Friday 2022.

TS2 10W Diode Laser EngraverTwo Trees LOGO 512x128 1-16%
TS3 10W Enclosed Diode Laser EngraverTwo Trees LOGO 512x128 1-$50 OFF
TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser EngraverTwo Trees LOGO 512x128 1-$30 OFF

Black Friday deals: HTA3D

HTA3D 2000px

If you live in Spain you will probably know an online store called, which offers a huge catalog of products oriented to 3D printing. These are some of their offers for Black Friday 2022.

3DSteel V2 – Impresora 3DLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento ABS – 1.75mm – Sakata 3DLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento ABS-HF – Alta Fluidez – 1.75mm – WinkleLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento ASA – 1.75mm – WINKLELogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento PETG – KRYSTAL – 1.75mm – WINKLELogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento PLA GO&PRINT – 1.75mm – Sakata 3DLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Filamento TENAFLEX Tenaz y Flexible – 1.75mm – Materials 3D / WINKLELogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Hotend V6 All Metal Compacto 1.75mm – Componentes de alta calidadLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Lámina de acero fléxible recubierta de Ultem (PEI)LogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
TMC2208 – Controlador para motor paso a paso SilenciosoLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
TMC2130 – Soldados para SPI – Controlador para motor paso a paso SilenciosoLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Tuerca POM T8 x 8 para husillo trapezoidal diámetro 8mmLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1
Piezas Impresas en ABS para Voron Trident r1 Impresora 3D CoreXY DIYLogoretinaHTA3D 575x200 1

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