markets 1 – Track the best prices on products for 3D printing (Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest, etc.)

As well you will know if you are a “regular” of our printing blog, we are restless minds and we always love to develop external applications related to the world of 3D printing.

If you remember, some time ago we prepared a very useful application called Marlin Builder, in which you can easily configure a Marlin firmware from your own browser and then download it, compile it and upload it to your printer.

And not only that, but if you also have an unmodified commercial printer you can download an official version of the firmware pre-configured ready to use, as long as your machine appears in the list of supported models.


The way of use is extremely simple, display the list, select the brand and model and press the Download Firmware button, it is impossible to do so easily.

However, today I wanted to show you a new tool that we have developed in . With it, you may be able to save time in your searches for components, spare parts, filaments and other products related to 3D printing.

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Multiple searches in different Marketplaces

optimiza busqueda

Being a Maker is not cheap, this is a reality. And if you are quite active, I won’t even tell you. There is always a new improvement to make, an electronic board to acquire or a new project to tackle by our restless minds. So like it or not, we spend a great deal of time browsing different marketplaces to capture a good deal.

Amazon I prioritize it more than anything by speed. Waiting for a product to arrive within 15 or 20 days (or even longer depending on the seller) sometimes gets on my nerves, since I don’t usually have too much patience.

However, if something is not urgent or it is a component that I will not be able to use for some time, I usually use Aliexpress (components) and Banggood or Gearbest (3d printers).

Personally I usually buy a lot in Amazon and as a last resort in Aliexpress, Banggood or Gearbest. The ideal is (or should be) to review the component in question in most marketplaces and find the best price (or kit), since sometimes you can find quite a difference depending on the seller.

A few days ago I came up with the idea of ​​developing a small application (or search engine) that would help with the cumbersome task of searching for products in different existing marketplaces.

In short, a single site where you can access and get all the results, or at least the most relevant ones with images and videos included and, of course, ordered by price or even available filters. How exactly does it work?

The application is very simple and intuitive, but no less effective for that. The use as you can imagine is identical to any search engine that you know on the net.

You simply enter a search term (or product) and it will offer you the results in about 4-5 seconds if you use the normal mode (shallower searches) or about 10-12 seconds, if we carry out an advanced search (with higher results).

It may seem like relatively high times, but getting 120 results with just one mouse click of a product you are looking for and without the need to manually access all platforms one by one is quite interesting.

My intention is to provide more marketplaces and options to the search engine and implement the current search engine in our beloved bot Telegram channel – as soon as time permits.

Finally, it is my obligation to indicate that the products shown link directly to the marketplaces themselves with affiliate links from our website So if you use the search engine we will have a small commission and you can support our blog.


How to access the search engine?


You can access it very easily from the main menu of, by clicking on the search section. Or if you wish, directly from the domain .


I hope that it can help you when looking for products on the net. Do not hesitate to read other interesting articles that you can find on our website: